Being Hercules

Ever want to talk to Hercules? Join me as I speak with Kevin Sorbo, actor in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and 2014 release God’s Not Dead.

From Pharmacy School to Lead Guitarist

Dave Ghazarian, guitarist for Peter Furler’s Band (former Newsboys lead singer), Audio Adrenaline, Superchick, and others speaks with Michael Easley inContext.

Making Left Behind

Paul LaLonde, producer and writer of the 2014 release “Left Behind”, joins me by phone.

Reflecting Christ in Marriage + Family

Dennis Rainey, author and radio host of FamilyLife Today, speaks with Michael Easley inContext.

5 Takeaways from my daughter’s wedding

5 Takeaways from my daughter's wedding

Over thirty plus years, I have officiated many weddings. Every pastor has some great and forgettable stories about wedding rehearsals and ceremonies. Perhaps seeing your children married is one of the most interesting. Pastor’s kids – aka PKs – live in a glass house. Some fare better than others, but it is their reality. And […]