Bioethics: Making + Taking Life

Bioethics – making right decisions regarding life issues – is colliding with our culture today. From the making of life (in vitro fertilization) to the taking of life – how do we even start thinking about some of these issues? It takes a Medical Ethicist to help us wade through. No matter what your educational background or what you do, you will have bioethics decisions to make in your life. Welcome Dr. Joy Riley on the show today.

The Serious Side of a Funny Man

How do you live “in context” as a believer, in the world of laughter and entertainment? Join Michael Easley as he and award-winning standup comedian, John Crist, speak plainly about the vulnerabilities and risk of such a life.

Pregnancy and Loss

What would you do if you learned that your baby is not going to live? Angie Smith is in studio with us.

The Bible is a Big Book

Do you remember what life was like before the “Quick Start” guide? I sure do. Isn’t there one of those for the Bible?