February 2015

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In the second segment of my interview with Dr. George Waddles, we discuss the Christian calling to connect with our brothers and sisters. Rather than creating barriers, we must look through the lens of our neighbor. Listen to learn more about why we have to...

Can a police officer be a Christian? Today in the studio we have the privilege of having Chuck Gilliland, the president of the National Board of Directors of The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers....

Justification is not "just as if I'd" never sinned. It's much more than that. Justification is the work of Jesus Christ to declare you righteous. Let's learn together in episode 10 of Why We Believe What We Believe....

It’s very easy to indicate the faults of someone (or something) in a disapproving way. It’s easy to criticize. Sometimes, criticizing words are spoken, and sometimes they are written. Neither are fun, especially when received by mail – wow, that’s no fun at all....