August 2015

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In even some of the richest areas of our country, the number of foster families is minimal. Why are we so unwilling to care for children in need? On the broadcast, Marty Schwieterman talks about the resources available for reaching out to kids in foster...

Throughout the Bible, a team approach to teaching is in effect. Rob Howard shares how the musical diet the church feeds its congregation shapes the worship experience....

As Christians, we are called to spread Christ's message to the world. Often, however, we encounter trials that make spreading God's Word difficult. On the broadcast, Brian Petak, Fellowship Outreach Pastor, shares about missions and overcoming obstacles in teaching. ...

Switching from a Head Pastor to a Team Teaching style isn't always easy, but this technique is beneficial to a congregation in numerous ways. On the podcast, my fellow pastors and I discuss team leadership and the ways multiple voices can improve a message....

Christ sent the disciples out in teams. Explore some new ways to think about team in your ministry context....