Biblical Marriage 4-Part Video Series

What if true spiritual leadership was marked by an innate belief that God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s people were the most important elements to a rich and strong marriage, and out of that innate belief a man lived his life differently, viewed his marriage differently, and treated his wife and children differently?

What’s In A Name Anyway?

Why does the woman drop her maiden name and take on the husband’s last name? This isn’t a “man’s world” cultural tradition. It’s a biblical concept. In this broadcast/podcast, Michael takes us back to the creation story in Genesis and shows us the Biblical perspective on a shared last name.

Submission is a Response Not a Role

When a male leads on the ballroom dance floor, he leads with strength and clear cues so his partner knows what steps she’ll take next. The female dancer has to place complete confidence and trust in her male counterpart, as much of the time she is being led to dance backwards. When Michael and Cindy first took dance lessons, they noticed that a lot of their interaction on the dance floor was very symbolic of their roles in marriage. Hear more in this podcast/broadcast about submission in marriage and on the dance floor.

I Still Need to be Pursued

If you don’t continue to date your spouse, you will drift apart. You may be good roommates, good parenting-partners, or even two ships passing in the night. But to have a great marriage, means to stay connected through common interests, spending intentional time together, where you continual pursue your spouse. Hear from Michael and Cindy Easley as they divulge their own journey to finding common interests and prioritizing date night.

Becoming One 3-Part Video Series

Exploring and applying God’s purpose of marriage, the concept of two becoming one, and the responses of leadership and submission became a crucial cornerstone in our marriage and in the marriage mentor group curriculum we teach.

The Affects of Mentors in Your Marriage

As newlyweds begin to face challenges and experience bumps in the road, it’s all too easy to believe the lie that your experience is unique or you have to fight through it alone. Learning how to find other believing couples who are two-years, five-years, 30-years ahead of you, can provide vital support that you need to cheer on your marriage and give long-term perspective.

Seeking Seasoned Couples

Too many marriages struggle unnecessarily because they don’t have mentors in their lives. In this podcast, Michael and Cindy will share about the couples who invested in their marriage, shared advice, and role modeled healthy marriages. And they will encourage you on how you can start thinking about finding peers, mentors, and becoming a mentor yourself.

Structure, Context and Expectations

In this podcast, hear from two of the couples from Michael and Cindy’s Marriage Mentor Group as they share their expectations, experience, and lasting effects from their two-year commitment.

Marriage Mentor 4-Part Video Series

Marriage can be both holy and happy, but it takes serious work, commitment, and an unwavering desire to place God at the center of your relationship through His Spirit, studying His Word, and being in community with His people. Join us as we unpack the concept of marriage mentor group in this 4-part #MarriageMentor series.

An Introduction To Marriage Mentoring

In the first installment of our 4-part Marriage Mentor series, we unravel the concept of mentorship for couples and how it can help put God at the center of your marriage.