Serving the “least of these”

How can Christians serve developing communities? Rosemary Khamati, founder of Partnerships for East African Community Empowerment (PEACE), shares about fostering children’s education, leadership training and evangelism in Uganda.

Re-defining “Blessing”

It is time many of us rethought our definition of “blessed” to mean more than simply physical or material well-being. Learn more in this guest blog post from Mark Irving.

Psalm 110

Whether or not we are satisfied with the leaders of this world, we as Christians look forward to a King and a different Kingdom. Learn more about the Biblical view of leadership in Episode 7 of Living From the Heart.

Messianic Expectations

Michael continues to present expectations for Jesus the Messiah in Part 2 of “Messianic Expectations”.

Live Sent and Be Sending

Like those excited shepherd boys who spread the news of the Savior’s birth, all of us can participate in spreading that good news. We are all both sent and senders. Learn more on the blog:

Psalm 65

I have a huge pet peeve and because we’re friends I’m going to tell you what it is. I hate when people use the word “awesome”. Listen to hear why.

God’s Work in Germany

There are more Christians in one country in Africa than in Germany. Armed with that information, what is a Christian to do? Join Michael in Studio with Steffen Weil, a Global Ministry partner from Potsdam, Germany.

The Recipe for Making Disciples: Gospel, Relationship, and Mission.

What is the recipe for making disciples? On the blog, Discipleship Pastor Mark Irving breaks down the ingredients: Gospel, Relationship and Mission.

Messianic Expectations

Listen in as Michael highlights the first expectations for Messiah starting in Genesis 3 in Part 1 of “Messianic Expectations”.

Christ in the Middle East

Join Michael as he speaks with Dr. Imad Shehadeh, Founder and President of Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary.