Ephesians 4-5

Chapter 5 of Ephesians calls on Christians to “imitate” God. How can we, who are so un-Godlike, represent a King? In the first installment of our Walk in Wisdom series, we unpack the concept of loving as Christ through forgiveness.

Ephesians 4-5

The tension of Christianity is measuring ourselves by a behavioral scale we’ve created for ourselves, comparing ourselves to others. However, our transformation in the Sprit is not behavioral, but of a mindset. Here’s what that means.

Ephesians 4-5

If you came to Christ later in life, do you remember your life before? Recalling where we came from to remind ourselves that we are different in Christ can be beneficial—here’s why.

Ephesians 4-5

Tolerance is a difficult word due to the way our culture has muddied it, but bearing with people describes loving others as God has called us to. Learn more about what it means to walk in the Holy Spirit—appreciating the worth of all people and showing compassion.

Ephesians 4-5

When we trust in Christ, the Holy spirit indwells us, changes us. However, we can’t make the flesh any better through sanctification—doing otherwise would be to polish the brass rails on a sinking ship. Learn why in our 4-part Walk in a Worthy Manner series.

Race Relations + Civil Rights

On the broadcast, we’re talking with Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, outspoken critic of race relations in American culture. Learn his thoughts on the good and evil that can manifest in any group in society, and how forgiveness conquers hatred and anger.

Proverbs 9

Wisdom is a luxury. To be wise men and women, we must pay attention to the details of scripture. In this installment of our Wisdom series, learn how we can fully appreciate and apply the Bible’s teachings.

Proverbs 8

Learn to be wise—don’t live as a fool. We must understand the wisdom of God in order to worship in the way He intends. Here is how Wisdom literature helps us to learn skills we can apply in every facet of our lives.

Meditation and Studying Scripture

Meditation is not only for the secularist, mystical thinkers. In fact, Robert J. Morgan says we must learn to engage in the meditative process to stand in the counsel of God. Learn more about ways to learn and internalize Biblical texts, not just to memorize them.

Philosophy and Christianity

How does philosophy help us defend our faith as Christians? Dr. Bryan O’Neal shares how philosophy is deeply critical to being faithful witnesses in today’s world.