Serving Orphans, Widows + Adoptive Families

Am I called to adopt? How should the church be serving their widows? How does God use our personal tragedy for His greater good? Join Michael Easley in studio for the second half of his interview with JT Olson as they discuss the answers to these questions and more.

Serving Orphans, Widows + Adoptive Families

Is there a better way to fundraise than sending out letters? How can we best serve orphans, widows and adoptive families? Join Michael Easley in studio with JT Olson, and hear a compelling story about how God used tragedy and a golf tournament to lead one man into orphan and widow care.

Wisdom for Today from a WWII Veteran + Liberator

After returning home from WWII and his service as a liberator at Dachau Concentration Camp, Jimmy Gentry was determined never to speak about it again. “I kept thinking if I didn’t talk about it, it would go away.” But it didn’t, and in 1985 Jimmy met a concentration camp survivor who convinced him to share his experiences with others. Join Michael Easley in studio with Mr. Jimmy Gentry and hear from one of The Greatest Generation’s most honorable men about faith, love, hardship and legacy.

Serving in the Christian Music Industry

John Mays, one of Christian music’s most respected executives, joins Michael Easley in studio and shares his insights on the Christian Music Industry and the importance of “making the truth new” in songwriting and art.