The Five Love Languages

Gary Chapman, counselor and author of The Five Love Languages and other books, speaks with Michael Easley inContext.

A God of Love or Judgement?

Have Christians de-emphasized the POWER & JUDGEMENT of God and overemphasized the LOVE & FORGIVENESS of God?

Coming Out of a Homosexual Feminist Worldview

Driven by an intense desire for answers, Dr. Rosaria Butterfield mined the Bible for truth; it was then she declared pride her greatest transgression. Listen to Dr. Butterfield’s account of awakening and repentance. #InGodsImage

The Man Behind “The Dave Ramsey Show”

Dave Ramsey, bestselling author and radio host, speaks with Michael Easley inContext on the topic of “freedom”.

From Tragedy to Orphan Care

Most orphans view themselves as throw aways, but God uniquely created and uniquely loves them. Join Michael Easley in studio with Mike Douris, as he shares a personal story of tragedy which God transformed into a passion for orphan care.