Battling Body Image + Food Control

We can apply “all things in moderation” to so many aspects of our lives. Our relationship with food can sometimes be a murky area, but living by this standard can help us to fight body image fears.

Constance Rhodes, CEO and Founder of FINDINGbalance, Inc., calls herself a chronic dieter, a moniker most people can identify with at some point in their lives. Constance talks with us about the dangers of becoming a slave to our eating habits, and how we can overcome them.

Finding Success in Writing + Life

Jerry Jenkins, novelist and biographer best known as co-author of the Left Behind series, speaks with Michael Easley inContext.

College Without Student Loan Debt

America’s collective student debt is at a staggering $1.2 trillion, but what’s the most disturbing part? Parents are unconcerned. That’s right—our culture has come to assume that the only way to put a child through school is to become burdened with debt at the age of 18, carrying the weight throughout the greater part of their adult lives.
Author of Smart Money, Smart Kids Rachel Cruze says parents should train their children to budget and save early on to avoid this debt. Rachel—who started making appearances at money management talks with her father, Dave Ramsey, at age 15—joins us on the show to talk about how you can set your child up for financial success right now.

Christian identity + Homosexuality

Can a homosexual person be a believer in Christ? Join Michael Easley in the studio with author and speaker, Christopher Yuan who shares his story of coming out of a gay lifestyle, trusting Christ, and his desire to reframe the conversation of sexual identity within the Christian church.