Who Gives This Woman?

During a wedding ceremony the officiant will ask, “Who gives this woman to this man?” Most often we hear the father of the bride respond, “Her mother and I!” Listen to this 4-minute episode as Michael explains how we’ve taken this concept out of context and misapplied it during the wedding ceremony.

The Pursuit of Holiness that Leads to Happiness

Are we missing out on a more fulfilling marriage and life because we’ve misunderstood the pursuit of holiness? Join Michael Easley in studio with best-selling author and speaker, Gary Thomas, as they discuss the biblical perspective to cultivating a successful marriage.

Why Does the Bride Wear White?

Is it just a western tradition or is it a biblical concept? Learn more with Dr. Michael Easley in this 5 minute “Out of Context” segment.

Common Trouble Spots in Marriage

Whether you’ve been married for two years or fifty years, marriage can be a challenge. Listen in as Michael Easley discusses common marital trouble spots with his dear friends, Robert and Liz White who serve with re|engage, a national marriage enrichment program.

What’s in a Name?

Join Dr. Easley in studio as he teaches from Genesis 2 and presents the biblical reasoning for a shared last name between husband and wife.

Is Submission a Dirty Word?

Cindy Easley is back in the studio sharing her journey of understanding what biblical submission looks like for a strong, independent woman.

Wanted: Bright Young Minds

The term “Startup” has almost become a religious experience. For the young and the brave, they take the pilgrimage to create their own reality. Many bright young minds are no longer interested in working for the company, they prefer to be the company. They are risk takers, entrepreneurs, ambitious and have a “thought leader” mystique.

Love + Marriage

A great marriage demands intentionality and hard work from a husband and wife. Hear Dr. Michael Easley in studio with his wife, Cindy, as they discuss personal struggles in the early years of their marriage and advice on how to explore your own expectations of marriage.