The Doctrine of Inspiration

Why we believe what we believe about Inspiration is not important to our faith, it is crucial, because if indeed this is God’s message to man, rooted from God to us in these forms we hold today, it is the message of hope, life, truth, and salvation to which we ascribe and which we hope to share with others.
Is the Bible the Word of God, or not?
Listen as Michael teaches part one of two on the Doctrine of Inspiration.

The Doctrine of the Trinity

When we think about this doctrine of the Trinity – that there’s three persons in one Godhead, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – even for academics and Theologians, it’s a mind bending subject. It’s complicated.

Yet, Scripture has a lot to offer about the relationship not only within the Trinity, but as human beings relate to God.

Interestingly, apart from a Trinitarian Godhead, no one could be saved. In other words, if we don’t understand the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the role of those three persons; we don’t understand how a human being could be saved.

The Doctrine of the Trinity

It’s interesting when faith finds its way into the Media. We have bylines and idioms that we use to talk about “Christianity” very broadly.
There are so many groups that call themselves “Christian” that it begs the question: What is a true believer?
In today’s episode Michael teaches about the Doctrine of the Trinity using supporting texts from Deuteronomy and Matthew.

Forming a Biblical Worldview

When I look at my Christian life, one of the most frustrating components is that I look so much like the world – I go to the movies, or go out to eat or to different venues, and I look so much like everyone else there.

I wonder, If I call myself a Christian, am I to look any different than the world?