Modern-Day Sabbath

As we saw last week, Leviticus – though often approached with dread – offered its first recipients a welcome reprieve and freedom.

The Law revealed all that was needed to know how to worship a holy God. It’s not just formalism. It’s holiness.
Jody Capehart joins us in this episode to help us see how Christ is reflected in the festivals decreed by the Lord in Leviticus, and invites us to incorporate rest into our upcoming holiday season.


To the first recipients, Leviticus offered freedom from the burden of the Law through instruction for confession and worship.
The Pentateuch––the first five books of the Bible––is a whole in five parts. We might even say it’s one book with five chapters, and Leviticus is one of them.

Joseph: A Man of Wisdom

Dr. Ken Boa joins us today to talk about Joseph: a man of great wisdom who thrived in exile, and what we can learn from Joseph’s example.


It may be a surprise when we realize that technically only about two chapters of Exodus (Exodus 13:17-Exodus 15:21) deal with the “Exodus proper.”

So, there is much more for us in these 40 chapters. We’re continuing our over-view study of the Scriptures by looking at each book week by week. Join us today as Michael teaches about Exodus.

The Creation of Eve & The First Marriage

From time to time throughout this series, we’ll release bonus episodes consisting of interviews with experts who are able to bring a little more nuance and depth to some of the themes and characters in the books we’re studying than I’m able to teach in a single episode about that book.
In this first Bonus Episode in our Cover to Cover series, I spoke with with Dr. Michael Lawson about the creation of Eve and the first marriage.

The Big Book–Cover to Cover: Genesis

Howard Hendricks (many of you know him as the Prof) challenged me to take on a new and challenging subject every year, and that’s sort of where this new series comes from.
Over the years, verse-by-verse has been my love and I think it’s lacking in churches today, but after doing this for 40 years, one thing that’s struck me is that people don’t seem to know the big picture anymore.
How do we re-engage with an overview of what the Bible is about?
We study it as a whole.
Join us for The Big Book–Cover to Cover: a teaching series on the entire Bible, book by book, beginning today in Genesis:

The Table with Michael Easley and Dr. Darrell Bock

Recently, Dr. E had a chance to sit with Dr. Darrell Bock to be a guest on his podcast, The Table, produced by Dallas Theological Seminary. We hope you enjoy this valuable conversation about the role of the church in our culture.
Our thanks to Dr. Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary, and all at The Table Podcast for sharing this episode with us!