Naomi – The Real Hero of the Story

Michael is joined by his dear friend Jeanne Hendricks who generously gives us her take on the purpose of the book of Ruth and who she believes to be the real hero of the story: Naomi.


In this episode we’ll look at a high-level overview of the book of Ruth. It’s a beautiful story of love, faithfulness, loyalty, and redemption set right in the time when the judges were judging.

Reading Difficult Parts of Scripture

How do we resolve texts we can’t reconcile to any sort of order or justice? When the bad guys win and evil violence seems to have the last word?
Dr. Mark Chavalas joins us again to discuss some of the more difficult passages in the book of Judges. 


We’ve moved through the Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) and into the Historical Books. If you missed our study of Joshua, listen and review Show Notes Here.
Today, we’re looking at Judges, which has often been referred to as the darkest days in Israel’s history.
Judges is a tectonic shift in the storyline, as we look at a generation who doesn’t know God.


Today we move from the Pentateuch to the Historical Books, beginning with Joshua.

Understanding God’s Word

Dr. Michael Easley interviews Dr. Tom Constable about reading and understanding God’s word.


Moses leads his people as far as he will be allowed to go toward the Promised Land and is buried by God in the book of Deuteronomy.
This book is much more than a second-telling of the law. It’s a recounting of Israel’s history and an underscoring of who God is, and what He’s promised.
Join us as we look today to the fifth and final chapter of the Pentateuch.

Reading Numbers like a Historian

We don’t live in the culture that originally received the Word of God. If we are to grasp this text, we must also understand some of the cultural connotations within. To help us, historian and professor Dr. Mark Chavalas joins us today.


Michael continues our new series, The Big Book––Cover to Cover with an overview of the book of Numbers.