Men of Influence with Bill Hendricks

Bill Hendricks joins Michael to discuss his book Men of Influence. Rubbing off on the people around you is inevitable. What kind of influence will you have?

2 Kings

Michael continues our series The Big Book – Cover to Cover with an overview of 2 Kings. In this book we see the reign of 19 more kings in the Divided Kingdom, the transfer of leadership between Elijah and Elisha, and are introduced to a new prophet: Isaiah.

A Tragedy We can Learn From

Dr. David T. Lamb joins Michael to discuss the tragic failures of the kings and Israelites in 1-2 Kings, and what we can learn from their mistakes.

1 Kings

1 Kings begins with a portrait of the king we’re all longing for and ends in disaster. Power un-checked and un-submitted to the Lord breeds injustice and corruption. The nation of Israel splits into the Divided Kingdom and we are left longing for the King who will rule justly, mercifully, perfectly.

Episode 7

Ask Dr. E is back for it’s 7th episode and we have some great questions about translations of the Bible, errors in Scripture, demonic oppression, and wise boundaries for unmarried couples.

2 Samuel

The book of 2 Samuel takes place at about the mid-way point in the timeline between Abraham and Jesus Christ.
It’s here that we come to know David, the man after God’s own heart, whose reign is mired by his great failures – and redeemed by God’s great graciousness to him.

King David

Today we welcome Dr. Michael Lawson back to talk about God’s chosen king: David.

1 Samuel

This is episode 9 of our series: The Big Book–Cover to Cover. We’re in the first of six books that make up a the majority of the historical texts. In 1 Samuel, we witness the transition from the period of the judges to the monarchy.