Ecclesiastes Brings Calibration

Curtis Zackery joins Michael for a conversation about Ecclesiastes.


The book of Ecclesiastes seemingly fails to fit in with the rest of Scripture – it has no obvious outline, no narrative. Where proverbs offers practical guidance for living, Ecclesiastes offers musings and observations about this life.

This unusual book meets the discouraged and disillusioned in their struggle, and offers a a gentle encouragement toward that which gives meaning.

What is the purpose of all we encounter, endure, and experience in this life?

Is it truly all in vain?


Today we land in the book of Proverbs: Wisdom for the Ages.
What is wisdom? Where do we find it?
Join us as Michael discusses how we are to read, interpret, and apply this text.


Michael teaches the book of Psalms. Join us as we seek to understand how we are to read these lyrics as New Testament believers.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Jim Traficant joins Michael to talk about what he has learned through years of suffering and loss, and about the God who sustained him through it all.


Michael teaches through the book of Job. In this important text we are forced to ask impossible questions about difficulties in life.

The Providence of God

Alistair Begg joins Michael for an encouraging conversation about God’s providence.