Michael teaches an overview of the book of Jeremiah, the second-longest in the Bible. We know more about Jeremiah’s life than we know of any other prophet.

Special Edition: Climate Change

Christians can feel caught in the middle on issues like Climate Change. Is the scientific data real? If you don’t buy it, are you a truth denier? How should we respond as Christians? In this episode, we’re bringing you expert reports from Dr. James Tour, Dr. Ron Rhodes, and Dr. E. Calvin Beisner.

Bonus Episode: Isaiah

Dr. Gordon Johnston joins Michael to discuss the book of Isaiah. Portions of the book of Isaiah are well known to many of us, but how was it first heard?


Michael teaches an overview of Isaiah – perhaps one of the most loved and, in a way, important prophets of the Old Testament.

Bonus Episode: Two Perspectives on the Song of Solomon

Michael is joined by both Tommy Nelson and Dr. Philip Ryken to discuss the Song of Solomon and its application to our lives.

Song of Solomon

Michael teaches an overview of Song of Solomon. The Song of Songs or Song of Solomon is a complex, mysterious, and somewhat uncomfortable book.