Special Edition: Dr. E asks Dr. G

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Dr. Wayne Grudem joins Michael to discuss difficult questions and topics we may face and grapple witih in our Christian lives.

The Big Book–Cover to Cover: Haggai

Michael teaches an overview of the book of Haggai. Haggai is the second-shortest book in the Bible, but don’t discredit it. There’s a lot here.

Ask Dr. E – Episode 10

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Dr. E answers your questions about spanking your child, polyamory and cosmic abandonment; and offers a list of his top recommended books and resources.

The Big Book–Cover to Cover: Zephaniah

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Michael teaches through the book of Zephaniah, a book of warning and encouragement with practical application fitting for our time.

Bonus Episode: Habakkuk

Dr. Jack Collins joins Michael to talk about Habakkuk: what understanding should we bring to our study of Habakkuk, and what should we take away?

The Big Book–Cover to Cover: Habakkuk

Men have always had the same responses to crisis: How long?

How can this go on? Why do the righteous suffer? Why do the wicked prosper?

God, why aren’t You doing something?

Unlike most prophets who spoke to Judah, Israel, Assyria, the Babylonians–some people group–this is a conversation between a prophet and God. Join us as we study this unique prophetic text:

Bonus Episode: Nahum

Michael speaks with Dr. Ken Boa about reading Nahum and the rest of the minor prophets.

The Big Book–Cover to Cover: Nahum

Nahum delivered a potent decree of God’s judgment in three short chapters. His message is clear: God is indeed a God of wrath.
Is it possible, however, that God’s wrath demonstrates His love? 
Join us as we explore this very idea.