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Believers will face persecution and suffering. Grounded in the living hope of Jesus' resurrection, the apostle, Peter, exhorts us to live courageously and faithfully no matter our challenges. Join Michael in this expository teaching series of 1 Peter. ...

Almost 10 million women will be attending colleges across the country this year. Join Michael Easley and Hanna Seymour as they discuss the challenges college students face today as well as how you can be part of challenging and encouraging twenty-somethings to be the man...

The Apostle Paul's sole motivation was to finish the course and ministry that Christ called him to (Acts 20:24). What are you aiming for? What does aging successfully look like? How can you best prepare? This 4-episode series includes teaching from the late Professor Howard...

It is possible to grow older and never grow old. It is also possible to prematurely die before we actually encounter death. How we think, what we are, and what what we do now will inform how we age. This 4-episode series includes teaching from...

Studies show the average person dies within 7 years post retirement, and many die within the first 2. Retirement is a relatively recent social phenomenon. Have you ever stopped to consider if it's even Biblical? This 4-episode series includes teaching from the late Professor Howard...

Most of us are aimlessly growing old. After the kids are grown and we coast into retirement, what are we doing with our lives? What is our purpose? Does God still have plans to use us? This 4-episode series includes teaching from the late Professor...

Michael reviews the 18 traits of a godly leader and wraps up Nehemiah and The Leadership Process. // Season 3 Finale...

Michael teaches from Nehemiah 13 and discusses the exquisite loneliness of leadership and the importance of rest with Stephen Mansfield. // Season 3, Episode 12....