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“Where’s God When it Hurts?” DVD


Life can be full of surprises. One day you may feel wonderful and the next day you may face a life-changing dilemma. Where is God when we face health problems, relationship challenges, or the grief from losing a loved one?

In “Where Is God When Life Hurts?” Dr. Michael Easley and Joni Eareckson Tada share biblical and personal insights regarding the ways God has worked through their greatest physical and spiritual challenges. You’ll discover how to trust God with your pain, the importance of finding our identity in Christ, the Bible’s true teachings on healing, how to overcome discouragement, and the great importance you have despite the suffering or limitations you face in this life.

A Jon Ankerberg production with Michael Easley and Joni Eareckson Tada. Michael and Joni are no strangers to pain and suffering. Michael has endured numerous back surgeries and lives with chronic pain. Joni has spent nearly 50 years in a wheelchair. In “Where is God When Life Hurts?”, Michael and Joni explain how they have learned to trust God in the midst of their suffering and how they continue to believe in Him as a good and loving Father.


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