a live stream event on human sexuality & scripture
Thursday, April 23, 2015, 7:00PM EST
a live stream event on human sexuality & scripture
Thursday, April 23, 2015, 7:00PM EST
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Three key thoughts will guide our discussion tonight during the Live Stream. They are listed below.

Between each main section is an opportunity for questions to be asked. We will be taking questions from Twitter and Facebook and by email.

You are invited to join the conversation tonight. Engage with us through any of these mediums and I look forward to asking your questions to the panel tonight.

– Michael Easley

Beginnings: Biblical Foundations.

What, precisely, does the Scripture teach regarding God’s design for sexuality, identity, and relationships?  Our hermeneutic – the way we study and understand the Bible – provides a critical foundation for why we believe what we believe about anything. (I.e., it is critical to understand our epistemology.) How we come to know something, before we run to meaning.  Simply: how do we get to the conclusion of what Scripture teaches, not only about our sexuality, but our sin condition, salvation, sanctification, justification and our relationship with God and others? 

Opportunity for questions taken from social media

Identity: Language has Meaning.

How we use words determine their meaning. Advocates of LGBTQ issues have successfully used key language to marshal their position.  So we often hear specific language such as: identity, orientation, predisposition, inclusive, diverse, homophobia, gender-neutral, nondiscriminatory, and so on. Many LGBTQ advocates use slavery or anti-Semitism references to argue for comparisons as in hate speech, hate crimes, and the need to have the same freedoms that civil rights brought to the oppressed. LGBTQ becomes a fight for civil rights as well as correcting the Church’s failures.

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The Response: The Individual and The Church

Each person is a free agent yet we live in community. Whether at work, school, neighborhoods or any social gatherings, we are part of larger communities. Within these communities we have relationships with others who have different opinions about sexuality and identity. How does an Evangelical Believer enter into any level of engagement with the varying advocates – as well as strident opponents – who hold widely diverse opinions? Is there any room to call something “right or wrong” or are we to ignore our convictions because of opposition from others? 

Opportunity for questions taken from social media

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Meet the Participants


Michael Easley is teaching pastor at Fellowship Bible Church and host of Michael Easley inContext, a 24-minute broadcast designed to help you take a fresh approach to grappling with truth through sound Biblical exposition, tangible illustrations, and real-life insights.

Michael Easley


Matt Moore has spent the last few years engaging the culture in discussions about sexuality and faith. In 2010, Matt converted to Christianity from a lifestyle of homosexuality.

Matt Moore

Author, Blogger

Christopher Yuan teaches the Bible at Moody Bible Institute and his speaking ministry on faith and sexuality has reached four continents.

Christopher Yuan

Author, Speaker, Professor

David Fowler is the President of Family Action Council of Tennessee. He served as a United States Senator for 12 years.

David Fowler

President of FACT

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