Christ sent the disciples out in teams.

We all know that Christ chose disciples and later sent them out in teams. By the book of Acts, we see teams, especially with Paul and Barnabas.

Paul embarks on three “missionary journeys.” Technically, this fulfills Acts 1:8. Paul was undeterred in making disciples and establishing churches. He traveled with teams and left teams in place.

We call 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus the “Pastoral Epistles” because Paul writes to the leaders and teams he left in place. Arguably, all of Paul’s letters are teaching, correcting, encouraging, and admonishing those in leadership to lead Christ’s church well.

A Primary Leader

Most ministries have a primary leader: a senior pastor, CEO/President or Directional Leader. No matter the title, it communicates “The Leader.” And with a good Christlike leader and close, truth-telling staff, we hopefully have a good ministry.

Cordial Collegiality

The Fellowship Churches – a loose association of churches that in most cases trace their philosophy back to Dr. Gene Getz’ Sharpening the Focus of the Local Church and more recently his Elders and Leaders – are different in this type of structure being built, instead, around several core principles. While there is no Fellowship “denomination,” you tend to see: expositional teaching, a team of elders, an emphasis on encouraging and equipping one another and team ministry.

In thirty-plus years of serving in different churches and ministries, I have never been on a team like Fellowship. The cordial collegiality is remarkable. The deference and desire to learn from each other as well as to magnify each other’s giftedness is remarkable. Mind you, we have strong personalities, lively disagreements and tensions like any group of leaders, but I’ve never seen a team function as well as this one.

Most importantly, I want you to hear from some of our team leaders on how we work together. You may find some new ways to think about team in your ministry context.

This month on the Broadcast

Hear from the Teaching Team at Fellowship, Bill Wellons, Lloyd Shadrach, Rob Sweet and me on how four very different teachers can teach from one platform AND work together (August 10th). Join Brian Petak to rethink a Global Missions Team that is strategic and effective (August 17).

Join Brian Petak to rethink a Global Missions Team that is strategic and effective.

Listen to Rob Howard discuss serving with multiple worship leaders and an artist in residence (August 20th).

Hear Marty Schwieterman explain the team dynamic of Children’s Ministry that is far more than “child-care” ministry (August 24th).

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