Psalm 101

What does it mean to follow Christ? In Episode 9 of Living From the Heart, we take a look at choosing to serve the universal king, the sovereign God, and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Psalm 110

The idea of righteousness means God always does the right thing in the right way—no injustice escapes His mind. In Episode 8 of Living from the Heart, we talk about the ways Christians react to injustices and uncertainty.

Boundaries in Relationships

Relationships are at the heart of the Christian life: relationships with God and also with each other. We are responsible for guarding our hearts by setting aside our own spaces. On the broadcast, John Townsend breaks down the idea of boundaries.

How to Listen in Church

How do you feel on a typical Sunday morning? In Part 2 of How to Listen in Church, we’ll talk about how to make assembling in worship more than a routine activity.

True Stewardship

What is true stewardship? On the broadcast, we’ll hear from pastor and talk show host Chris Brown to learn about intentional living and the Biblical use of resources.

How to Listen in Church

I get it. I can get bored listening to myself! From where I stand and teach I can see everything that happens out in the congregation. The men distracted with their gadgets. The mom distracted with a child. The teenager that fell asleep. Many of us think we know how to listen to the teacher in church because we listened to a teacher in school for 13 years, but do you REALLY know how to listen? This two part series will guide you through “Listening in Church”.