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Bonus Episode: Reading the Bible in a Digital Age with John Dyer

Is there a difference in Bible reading, comprehension, and retention whether you use a physical book or read a digital version?

What is the influence of switching from print to digital?

John Dyer joins Michael today to discuss the impact technology has on our personal Bible study.

John C Dyer is a Professor and Dean of Enrollment Services and Educational Technology at Dallas Theological Seminary. PhD Candidate at Durham University. A former youth pastor, he enjoys working with students to see how the biblical story brings insight and clarity to the ideas found in science, sociology, and culture. John is married to Amber, a literature and philosophy professor and has two lovely children.

You can access John Dyer’s article, Habits and Hermeneutics of Digital Bible Readers: Comparing Print and Screen Engagement, Comprehension, and Behavior, Here.

Technology gives us instant and unprecedented access to Scripture.

There is a place for both digital resources and study and reading a physical Bible, but do we lose anything by ONLY reading Scripture digitally?

There are definitely some things that you lose and some things that you gain by having the Bible on your phone.

Our thanks to John Dyer for his time, expertise, and encouragement!

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