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#FightingFair – Attacking the Issue, Not Each Other

It happened to us. We became that couple. We would sit at a table, across from one another, and not exchange a word. Silence. Conflict. Hurt. The Cold Sholder. Communication had become a problem. (laughing) And even after all these years I STILL can’t read her mind!

Conflict is a common occurrence in marriage. Two sinful people bound together, living together, making decisions or not making decisions together, there will always be conflict. But a healthy marriage isn’t defined by the absence of conflict, it’s defined by the way a couple communicates through and resolves their conflict. In this podcast, Michael and Cindy discuss how to approach conflict in a nonthreatening way.

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Michael Easley

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Michael is husband to one, dad to four, and host of Michael Easley inContext.


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