Interview with Kurt Heinecke

Kurt Heinecke, Director of music for the award-winning show Veggie Tales, integrates faith into his rich musical gifts. I talked with Kurt about the ways followers can embrace talents while serving as an example of God’s love.

About Kurt

From its beginning 21 years ago, Kurt has been the creator of the sound that has defined the world-famous VeggieTales® and 3-2-1 Penguins® video series. His roles have encompassed song-writing, co-writing, scoring, arranging, performance, conducting, and production. He has composed for over 50 videos, a dozen CDs, and 2 major motion pictures, selling over 75 million videos/DVDs and over 5 million CDs. In his years with Big Idea, Kurt has never wanted to “dumb-down” his music by considering it only for children. He has always challenged himself, with his education background, to create a rich palette of sounds for both kids and the discerning adult! You’ll hear it in a myriad of styles, each true to its roots – from Dixieland, blues, and polkas to hard-core classical, 70’s and emotional scores. From his tuba playing on the VeggieTales Theme Song to his co-writing of songs like The Hairbrush Song and His Cheeseburger, Kurt has left his mark on children’s entertainment.


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