“How do you live ‘in context’ as a believer
in your particular profession, ministry, passion, etc.?”

Interview with Steffen Weil

There are more Christians in one country in Africa than in Germany. Armed with that information, what is a Christian to do? Join Michael in Studio with Steffen Weil, a Global Ministry partner from Potsdam, Germany.

About Steffen

Steffen Weil is the founding pastor of a church plant in Potsdam, Germany – mittendrin, which means “in the thick of it”. He is married to Renata and they have been blessed with four wonderful children, Lara-Carlotta (18), Stina-Elisabetha (17), Linus-Kalle (15) and Lieve-Anderson (11). Steffen is a strong motivator, dynamic leader, musician, speaker, teacher, pastor, administrator, and Christ-follower. He is adventurous, loves to read, travel and spend time with his family. In recent months, God has charged him with three main emphases for his job as pastor: Care for your family, preach the gospel and live in a creative community and help others to find their place. His ministry vision is:

  • To shape the city of Potsdam spiritually, socially, and culturally through the gospel, which we believe has great impact on all areas of life.
  • To bring people in contact with Jesus Christ in a reasonable way and encourage them to live with Him.
  • To love the people of our city, learn from them, live with them, and make God’s love perceptible for them through our actions.


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Michael Easley

About Michael Easley

Michael is husband to one, dad to four, and host of Michael Easley inContext.

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