#MarriageMentor – Seeking Seasoned Couples

Cindy will be quick to tell you our first year of marriage was hell. She was miserable and I was proud of my trophy bride! We needed other believing couples to role model and help us learn what this “long term gig” was all about.

Too many marriages struggle unnecessarily because they don’t have mentors in their lives. In this podcast, Michael and Cindy will share about the couples who invested in their marriage, shared advice, and role modeled healthy marriages. And they will encourage you on how you can start thinking about finding peers, mentors, and becoming a mentor yourself.

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Seeking Seasoned Couples

Why should you have a mentor (or two)? The benefits of mentorship undeniably justify the effort of seeking seasoned couples.

Posted by Michael Easley InContext on Saturday, November 14, 2015
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