#MarriageMentor – The Affects of Mentors in Your Marriage

The first year of marriage can be easy for some, and extremely difficult for others. I have had a mentor throughout my life. Some knowingly and some not. Learning how to seek out older, wiser, Godly couples, can make all the difference in your ability to successfully navigate challenges or surprises in marriage.

As newlyweds begin to face challenges and experience bumps in the road, it’s all too easy to believe the lie that your experience is unique or you have to fight through it alone. Learning how to find other believing couples who are two-years, five-years, 30-years ahead of you, can provide vital support that you need to cheer on your marriage and give long-term perspective.

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The Affects of Mentors in Your Marriage

VIDEO #4: "#MarriageMentor: The Effects of Mentors in Your Marriage" Whether you're prepared to begin the mentor search today or a few months from now, we share what to look for in role model couples and how best to learn from them.

Posted by Michael Easley InContext on Sunday, November 15, 2015
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