Some scholars would argue that the book of Esther shouldn’t be in the Bible. Neither God’s name nor his laws appear in the text, no miracles occur, no prophet speaks – but here, in this text, we see God’s providence.

When to Walk Away

Michael is joined by bestselling author Gary Thomas to discuss his new book: When to Walk Away. Don’t miss this important conversation about leadership…


Michael continues our series The Big Book: Cover to Cover with an overview of Nehemiah, a continuation of our last episode on Ezra.

Learning from Ezra’s Example

Dr. Eugene Merrill joins Michael to discuss the book of Ezra: Where we find it in Scripture, why it matters, and what we can learn from it.


What have we set our hearts on? Join us as Michael continues our series The Big Book – Cover to Cover with the book of Ezra.

Episode 8

Dr. E answers your questions about conflict in Israel, calvinism, salvation for ancient people groups other than the Israelites, and more.

2 Chronicles

Michael teaches through 2 Chronicles. While 1 and 2 Chronicles tell a continuous story, 2 Chronicles has a different emphasis.

Reading the Bible in a Digital Age

John Dyer joins Michael to discuss what research says about reading the Bible in a digital age.

1 Chronicles

1-2 Chronicles covers the same time period as 2 Samuel-2 Kings, but offers more and different detail because it was written for a different purpose.