“How do you live ‘in context’ as a believer
in your particular profession, ministry, passion, etc.?”

Interview with Bryan O’Neal

How does philosophy help us defend our faith as Christians? Dr. Bryan O’Neal shares how philosophy is deeply critical to being faithful witnesses in today’s world.

About Bryan

Dr. Bryan O’Neal teaches philosophy at Moody Bible Institute and is the Dean of Faculty for the Theology Department. Bryan is originally from Texas and graduated from Moody Bible with a Pastoral Studies major.  He completed his Master’s degree in philosophy at Purdue, which further led to his doctoral degree in philosophy. Bryan returned to Moody to become part of the faculty, teaching philosophy and apologetics.

Believing that thinking is an act of worship, and committed to the centrality of the Church in service and worship, Bryan relishes the opportunity to present to Moody’s bright and passionate students the challenge of loving God with all their minds, and serve Moody’s faculty as they work to do the same. Bryan and his wife Denise have three wonderful daughters – Katie, KaraLynn, and Elyssa.


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Michael is husband to one, dad to four, and host of Michael Easley inContext.

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