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#MarriageMentor 4-Part Video Series

He plans an elaborate proposal. She says “yes” through tears and squeals. Today’s typical church-going couple will likely attend 3-6 months worth of pre-marital counseling, but at the end of the engagement period, will still have put many more working hours towards planning their wedding than preparing for their lifelong commitment. This is not to place judgement on those couples. It’s neither bad nor good; it’s simply reality.

No matter how great a pre-marital counseling curriculum is, it’s not enough to equip a young couple with the tools, resources, and relationships they will need to form and sustain a lifelong, happy, healthy marriage. Over the last decade, dozens of Christian marriage books have been published with one overarching message: Marriage is to make you holy, not happy. But can’t it be both?

In Shaunti Feldhahn’s recent book, The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages, she reports that 53% of Very Happy Couples agree with the statement, “God is at the center of our marriage”, compared to only 7% of Struggling Couples. Rewind to the early 90’s, Cindy and I set out on a mission to develop an experience to better equip young married couples for marital success.

Through a two-year, marriage mentor group, we teach couples to study the bible, integrate theology into daily life, and learn how to grow and nurture a strong marriage. Marriage can be both holy and happy, but it takes serious work, commitment, and an unwavering desire to place God at the center of your relationship through His Spirit, studying His Word, and being in community with His people.

Join us as we unpack the concept of marriage mentor group in this 4-part #MarriageMentor series.


1. #MarriageMentor – An Introduction to Marriage Mentoring

An Introduction to Marriage Mentoring

In the first installment of our 4-part Marriage Mentor series, we unravel the concept of mentorship for couples, and how a mentor can help you put God at the center of your marriage.

Posted by Michael Easley on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2. #MarriageMentor – An Introduction to Marriage Mentoring

#MarriageMentor - Structure Context and Expectations

VIDEO #2 - "#MarriageMentor: Structure, Context, and Expectations" What are some realistic expectations for your marriage mentorship group? Here, we talk about the possible effects on couples.

Posted by Michael Easley InContext on Friday, November 13, 2015

3. #MarriageMentor – Seeking Seasoned Couples

Seeking Seasoned Couples

VIDEO #3: "#MarriageMentor: Seeking Seasoned Couples"Why should you have a mentor (or two)? The benefits of mentorship undeniably justify the effort of seeking seasoned couples.

Posted by Michael Easley InContext on Saturday, November 14, 2015

4. #MarriageMentor – The Effects of Mentors in Your Marriage

The Affects of Mentors in Your Marriage

VIDEO #4: "#MarriageMentor: The Effects of Mentors in Your Marriage" Whether you're prepared to begin the mentor search today or a few months from now, we share what to look for in role model couples and how best to learn from them.

Posted by Michael Easley InContext on Sunday, November 15, 2015


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