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Beyond the broken hearts and broken relationships, the perfect God loves you perfectly....

If you could do it all over again, what would you do more of? Less of? What's a life lesson you're desperate to pass on? Join Michael in studio with Jon Gauger as he discuss his book, "If You Could Do It All Over Again...

Relationships are at the heart of the Christian life: relationships with God and also with each other. We are responsible for guarding our hearts by setting aside our own spaces. On the broadcast, John Townsend breaks down the idea of boundaries....

Marriage can be both holy and happy, but it takes serious work, commitment, and an unwavering desire to place God at the center of your relationship through His Spirit, studying His Word, and being in community with His people. Join us as we unpack the...

It’s very easy to indicate the faults of someone (or something) in a disapproving way. It’s easy to criticize. Sometimes, criticizing words are spoken, and sometimes they are written. Neither are fun, especially when received by mail – wow, that’s no fun at all....

Do you remember what life was like before the "Quick Start" guide? I sure do. Isn't there one of those for the Bible?...

The Dictionary of Bible Themes defines adore as an attitude of worship characterized by love and reverence towards God. In strict terminology, the Latin expression adoratio is a designated act of worship due to God alone....

[blockquote text="The young discount the old; the old dismiss the young and too much is lost in-between." show_quote_icon="yes"]Avi Luskie taught me how to block. We played sandlot football in my neighborhood. Boys gathered at the “field” and we played tackle football on hard dirt. I was...