“How do you live ‘in context’ as a believer
in your particular profession, ministry, passion, etc.?”

Bonus Episode – Money, Vision, and Power in the Church – Gospel Business Strategies

Kent Lapp, host of the Gospel Business Strategies podcast, interviews Michael about finding community, living with pain, the discipline of prayer, advice for business leaders and more.

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About the Gospel Business Strategies Podcast

Practical. Useful. Grounded in the gospel. Hosted by seasoned entrepreneur Kent Lapp, the Gospel Business Strategies Podcast features honest conversations with noteworthy minds who share a passion for being challenged in business and faith. From effective leadership tactics and shrewd strategies to God-sized endeavors and insights, get the support you need to lead your business from a gospel-centered worldview.

Cameron is originally from Oregon, then attended Wheaton College, Stanford University, and holds a JD/MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. Before entering business, he was a speechwriter and policy analyst on Capitol Hill. He and his wife Carolyn have four kids, whom they are raising in Waco, Texas.

Michael Easley

About Michael Easley

Michael is husband to one, dad to four, and host of Michael Easley inContext.

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