Why We Believe What We Believe: Satanology: The Person and Work of Satan, Part 1 (Episode 13)

You may envision red tights and pitchfork. Understand Satan from a biblical context in Episode 13 of Why We Believe What We Believe.

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Introduction: Hi, this is Michael Easley. Thanks for joining the broadcast.

Did you grow up in a home that taught that Satan was real? Did you grow up in a context, an experience where Satan doesn’t exist, he’s a figment of our imagination, he’s a halloween costume that some people purchase and buy for a party.

Seems there are those who see Satan behind everything: anything bad that happens, any bad thought in life, any consequence that’s not the way we wanted it, spiritual warfare. Satan is behind it. Satan is our enemy.

Then there would be, let’s say, the other extreme, for conversation sake, that doesn’t believe in Satan at all. It’s an invention, it’s mythology, no more real than the nursery rhymes.

Well, today on the broadcast we’re going to be looking at passages from Scripture that build a theology of the Doctrine of Satan. He’s not that person carrying a pitchfork. He’s a real, spiritual and very powerful entity. He is an enemy. But we need to understand him from a biblical context, not with what we grew up with or what we have glommed together in our own search for meaning, if you will.

Let’s pick up the message, again, originally delivered at the Moody Bible Institute, in front of the faculty, staff, and student body a few years ago.

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