The Big Book–Cover to Cover: Joel

Michael teaches an overview of the book of Joel. Join us as we study this small but influential text which calls us to repentance.

Bonus Episode: Hosea

Michael speaks with Dr. Eric J. Tully about the book of Hosea.

The Big Book–Cover to Cover: Hosea

Michael teaches an overview of the book of Hosea. Though judgment and destruction are sure, salvation will come.

Bonus Episode: Daniel

Michael interviews Dr. Wendy Widder about the book of Daniel. Dr. Widder has studied and taught the book of Daniel extensively for more than a decade…

The Big Book–Cover to Cover: Daniel

Michael teaches the first apocalyptic text in the Bible, the book named for Daniel: the exile whose pious life in among a pagan culture drew attention from his enemies and favor from His God.

Ask Dr. E – Episode 9

Dr. E answers your questions about conflict the judgment of believers, dispensationalism, tribulation for believers, and practicing yoga as a Christian.

The Big Book–Cover to Cover: Ezekiel

Michael teaches through the book named for the prophet Ezekiel. Join us as we look at what his visions reveal to us about God’s judgment, righteousness, and mercy.

Bonus Episode: Lamentations

Rev. Dr. Christopher J. H. Wright joins Michael to discuss the book of Lamentations.


Michael teaches an overview of the book of Lamentations. A mournful post-script to the longest book of the Bible (Jeremiah), Lamentations serves a sure and certain warning. As God’s people grieve the loss of the Tabernacle, heaven remains silent.

What does this tell us about who God is? How should we read and respond to this difficult text?

The encouragement found in the sorrowful prose of this book may surprise you–and even offer hope: God’s lovingkindness never ceases.